Hand-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Custom designed, built and installed

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Hand-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Not always “Custom Kitchen Cabinets”


The term “Custom Kitchen Cabinets” can be confusing, as it usually refers to “Custom Designed Kitchen Cabinets,” not ” Custom Designed & Built Kitchen Cabinets.  Most “custom kitchen cabinets” are actually cabinets built at a cabinet factory in many sizes, so an installer can custom fit their cabinets into your kitchen.  In cases when it’s impossible to get the cabinets to fit, a fascia or panel is used to cover that area.  The benefits of these types of cabinets are convenience and cost.  The cabinets are often sitting in a warehouse and available within days, and because they are all cookie-cutter designs, the cost is significantly less than truly custom designed, hand crafted and installed kitchen cabinets.

Gallery of Past Work

Here are a few examples of Custom Kitchen Cabinets we hand crafted in the past.

Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets Worth it?

Hand-made kitchen cabinets are a significantly larger investment than stock or semi-custom kitchen cabinetry. Some folks want to build their dream custom kitchen, and custom kitchen cabinets can be the ideal solution for many needs:

  • uniquely shaped kitchens
  • small kitchens and in-law suites
  • custom-fitting cabinets to accommodate any size person
  • ADA compliant cabinetry
  • custom interior designs (modern, rustic, ornate, etc)
  • cloning historic cabinetry
  • maximize storage space (every inch counts)
  • exotic woods and trim



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