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Now you see it!

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Murphy Bed Story

William Lawrence Murphy created the Murphy Bed in 1911 to accommodate his very small New York City apartment after immigrating from Ireland.

Murphy beds have only recently become popular in North Carolina as small apartments and condos rise in downtown areas like Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte and the NC beaches.

Murphy Beds go by a number of names: fold-down bed, pull-down bed, hidden bed, disappearing bed, and wall bed.

Space-Efficient, Beautiful Hiding Beds

Ideal For Guests

If space is at a premium in your Raleigh-Durham area home, one solution could be a Murphy bed. Murphy beds make one room function as two.  Why have the bed in your guest room take up space when it’s only used a couple times a year? Some folks with health issues enjoy a comfortable Murphy bed on their first floor while keeping their bedroom upstairs. No matter how small the space, a custom Murphy bed would provide the solution.

Sleeping on a Murphy Bed vs a Sofa Bed

Someone’s back will appreciate your Murphy Bed!

Whether it is for your health or to ensure your guests have a pleasant night sleep, you will be happy that you chose a Murphy bed over a sofa bed.  Sofa beds, by necessity, must have a mattress flexible enough to fold up into the base of the sofa. That mattress sits on a wire net suspended by a metal frame.  Murphy beds, on the other hand, can accommodate a traditional mattress, even a pillow-top mattress (generally 12′ or less).  The Murphy bed mattress is sitting securely on a firm wooden foundation standing firmly on the floor.  No mattress hills, valleys or slants while you sleep.  It is a real bed.

Custom Designed and Built For The Perfect Fit and Design.

We design murphy beds in all bed sizes, and are especially careful to design a bed that fits within your room’s space like a puzzle piece. Whether you like light or dark wood, stained or painted, traditional or contemporary, we will design, build and install your new bed for you.

Gallery of Past Work

Here are a few examples of the Murphy Beds we hand crafted in the past.

Why hide just the bed?

Your Murphy piece can be as elaborate as you want, adding hidden tables, desks, ironing boards and more!  We turn your ideas into reality!


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