Murphy Beds

The space saving aspect of the Murphy Beds is a great way to maximize space and function. Design details and options with cabinetry are endless.

This Queen size Murphy Bed was finished in black satin lacquer.

This Queen Size Murphy Bed has plenty of storage space and roll-out tables on both sides​.

This Murphy Bed Wall unit incorporates an heirloom painting from Scandinavia.

This bed was recently built for a couple in Wake Forest. The panels were made to match the door style.

We designed, built and installed this wall unit for clients who needed a fold-down table within the bed to comfortably fit inside their cozy cottage in Oriental, N.C. The customers added murals purchased online giving it a very unique and personal touch. We gave this bed a rub-off finish creating a slightly antique effect complimenting the waterfront lifestyle.

This Murphy bed was created for clients in Wake Forest. They wanted to use their bonus room space to create a spare bedroom for guests.

This Murphy bed was designed and built for clients of ours for whom we did work about two years ago. It was designed to efficiently use bonus room space as guest quarters.

This Murphy bed was constructed from Philippian Mahogany with African Mahogany trim.

This beautiful Murphy bed was custom built for a client in the Carolina Preserve area of Cary. The customers were ecstatic over the quality of the finish work.

The above horizontal Murphy bed was built for clients of ours in Cary who had other Craftsman style furniture in the same room which they wanted to complement.

Clients in the historic Wake Forest area requested this queen Murphy bed. Appliques were made to match existing trim details in the room.